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★☆ pokémon animé fans
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Pokémon Animé ★ SPOILER WARNING!
Hello! ♥ Welcome to pokeanime_fans, a LiveJournal Community for fans of the Pokémon Animé! Here fans can get together and discuss [upcoming] episodes, characters & interactions, pokémon teams, battles, contests, movies, music, seiyuus & voice actors, animation teams, and anything and everything that has to do with the show itself.

• This community is members only, thus meaning you must join if you want to post and/or see posts.
• This community is for discussion of the animé only. If you want to discuss the games, manga, or any other parts of the pokémon franchise, please do so elsewhere. This also goes for shippings — those already have communities dedicated to themselves. Thank you.
• If it is your first time posting here, feel free to introduce yourself! However, please remember that this community is for discussing the animé, so try not to talk too much about yourself and stay on topic as much as you possibly can.
• No bashing of any kind will be tolerated. Debates, however, are allowed, but remember to keep them friendly and as hard as it may be, respect each others opinions.
• Posting fanart and fanfiction is allowed, but if you're going to post something that isn't yours, please remember to credit the original artist or writer! This goes for information as well. Cite the source of your information, please!
• Spoiler warnings aren't totally necessary (since the community is under one, anyway), but it'd be nice to include them in your post(s) if you are going to talk about episodes that have not aired yet.
• Sharing of episode, music, and everything else downloads is encouraged! Don't hesitate to share any of those types of links.
• Everyone is welcome here! Oh, and remember to have fun. Thank you for reading the rules!

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