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02 January 2009 @ 01:15 pm
A couple of Kanto/Jouto settei (sort of character design sheets) and a whole BUNCH of Advanced Generation settei!


There's Aqua and Magma stuff too! No Commanders, though, which is kinda lame.

Still, though, really cool. And xD at how Sounansu/Wobuffet walks.

So I hope these are to your liking!

They're for user profiles, though. xD You could use 'em to link back to this community. ^^

07 November 2008 @ 01:30 am
So, characters you most want to see again.

I'd like to see Molly Hale again, and the 12th movie would be the perfect place to reintroduce her. Considering that it was established in 10 that the Unown world is also the world that Dialga and Palkia live in, and that 10, 11, and 12 are all in series, it would be very awesome if Molly, Spencer, and whoever the hell Molly's mom is showed up as experts on that world.

Eusine would be awesome to see again, especially since it's been shown that Suicune exists in Sinnoh.

AND MY GOD they haven't given us a new Rocket since the HoSos, so at the very least revisit some old ones! Have Domino show up to infiltrate the Galactics! Have Iron Mask Marauder do battle with Hunter J! ANYTHING!

Oddly enough, my favorite character, Jirarudan, I'd only want to see again if they handled him the same way they did in his initial appearence. That is to say with that detached neutrality, seeming to live only for himself but in fact living for the things with which he surrounded himself...it would be interesting to see how he would deal with the world outside his ship after losing everything in the second movie...but I have the disturbing suspicion that they'd make him a full-out villian, and while I think he could *become* one, I think it would take an outside force to *make* him one, because that would mean he'd have to live for something other than what he was used to.
07 November 2008 @ 12:14 pm
Can't believe I missed this community for so long! Well, I finally joined.

My name is Lamees, I'm Saudi (I live in a country rich with oil and dates called Saudi Arabia xD) and sixteen years old~

I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I absolutely adore the Pocket Monsters anime. I have been watching anime since I was a little girl, classics like the first color anime Kimba/Leo and even Korean cartoons like Dooly~

But never have I come across an anime that I loved absolutely everything about like Pokemon. The art (ahaha, except some shots with the really cheap animation teams), the characters (except for Satoshi earlier on, though I love how much he's matured), the story... I love everything about it!
Just clearing it up in case some kid who's only been watching anime for two years or so, only really mainstream stuff strides over to me and thinks of saying "girl, you don't know anything about anime, that's the only reason you think Pokemon's so good!"

When I got interested, favorite characters, and stuff like thatCollapse )
15 October 2008 @ 04:07 am
That's very strange. It looks like I'm the only mod here now--the original one left the comm.

Anyway, I have a bit of a poll for you all. If the movie baddies were to have an all-out brawl, who would win? They can't use any pokémon that they *captured*, but they can use other stuff.

-Mewtwo (his powers)
-Jirarudan (his airship tricked out with capture devices)
-Molly Hale (the Unown)
-Vicious (Dark Balls)
-Annie and Oakley (...someone wanna fill me in on their weapondry? I haven't seen 5)
-Butler (Mad Science)
-Captain Phantom (his submarine full of crew)
-Zero (his airship tricked out with...whatever it's tricked out with)

Honestly, I think Butler would be the first to get the everlovin' crap kicked out of him. Mad Science doesn't compare with pretty much anything anyone else has. And to get your ass kicked by a five year old *and* by the loseringest pirate captain ever to fail the seven seas, that must be pretty humiliating.
11 August 2008 @ 12:13 am
So, favorite of the movies/specials/etc?

Oddly, despite my favorite character being from the second, my favorite of the movies is the third. It's a very interesting concept, especially since Molly is at once villian and victim, and that Delia is alternately victim and heroine (Ash could have kept fighting Entei until all his pokemon were dead and Molly still wouldn't have given up unless Delia had intervened).

Although I wish they'd have told us why the Unown decided to grant Molly's every wish...but given that the Unown Dimension has been seen again (what with Dialga and Palkia apparently being from there as well), perhaps this story isn't entirely over.
31 July 2008 @ 04:42 am
So! Let's get this all out of the way and see where it goes from here.

Obligatory Shipping Topic!!!

There's thousands of shippings to choose from. What are your faves?

A short list of mine:
Diamondshipping (Giovanni/Delia)
Commandshipping (Giovanni/Domino)
Execshipping (Domino/Iron Mask Marauder)
Rocketshipping (Jesse/James)
Airshipping (Giovanni/Jirarudan)
Eldershipping (Delia/Prof Oak)
Sacredshipping (Eusine/Morty)
Steelshipping (Bashou/Buson)

And that's what comes to mind off the top of my head. You guys? And yes I'm aware my list casts Giovanni in an...interesting light. I don't care. Mwahahaha.
29 July 2008 @ 05:52 pm
Introduction post! Yaaay!

Anyway hi, I'm Blackjack and I love Pokémon, but you could tell. I've been a fan since it first came out in English, although I was intreigued by what I heard about it before then (regrettably, my first exposure to it was hearing about the "seizure incident").

I'm a bit older than most fans, at 28, but I'm basically a big kid (not to mention a *massive* geek).

I have pecular tastes in characters. I tend to gravitate towards the bad guys, and my favorite character is Jirarudan, from the second movie (if you don't remember him, I have a comm about him, warewacollector, that just celebrated its first anniversary). I'm a sucker for the Evil Teams, especially Team Rocket, and I love writing for the lesser-known agents (I just finished a fic about Bashou and Buson from Legend of Thunder...damned if they weren't the most interesting part of that special. I'm also one of the few people who writes for the Iron Mask Marauder from movie 4). And of course I made a comm about all this too, rocket100, for themed Evil Team ficcage and occasional discussion.

I have absolutely no interest in Ash, however. I watch his adventures because he's the catalyst, but I find him boring.

If any of you go to Bulbagarden, you probably already know me. I'm the mod of General Pokémon Discussion, Fanfiction, and the new Buy-And-Sell area (and Geeky Misc to boot!).

Language preference depends on characters. There's voices I love in both and voices I can't stand in both. But I still wish we had official subs, even if just to switch back and forth.

Anyway, that's me. So how about all of you?
27 July 2008 @ 12:10 pm
This is where you can ask to be affliated with our community or simply check out our list of affliates. There really aren't any requirements to affliate with us, really - as long as your community has at least something to do with the Pokemon anime, it's fine. Just comment with your community and I'll add it to the list!

26 July 2008 @ 06:03 pm
Alright, now that I'm on hiatus at SPPf, I have some time to maintain this place. I apologize to all of you who have joined and haven't seen any updates.

What we need ADVERTISEMENT! We need people to know this place exists. We also need ~*pretty banners*~ for pimpin' in other communities, as well as a userpic for this place. What do you guys think?

That's really all I can think of right now. Once there's more members, we can start discussion and whatnot. n_n Any other suggestions you want to make can be made in comments. Thank you!