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20 February 2010 @ 07:04 am
Sorta-Intro + Fics  
Ahh, I just realized I never did the intro post thing. Sorry guys. xD;;;

[Who you are/a bit about yourself and how you became interested in the anime]
When I was little, I was so sure Pokemon was the dumbest thing ever and I didn't get why everybody watched it and maybe I'll just watch the theme song.... okay, maybe 5 more minutes.... well, maybe one episode. You can see where this went. xD

I got out of it for a while in late Jhoto, but I kept playing the games. Years later I was in fandom and stumbled on Bulbapedia with some info about the Sinnoh arc. Chimchar's story arc peaked my interest so I watched that and before I knew it I was back into this crazy mess. Go me! xD

[Favorite characters and why]
Doesn't anybody love the Pokemon Characters anymore? I love Chimchar, Treecko, Ambipom, Movie!Darkrai, stuff like that. I also enjoy the humans but there's something about how the writers get to develop the pokemon more because they'll only be there one season and they can let loose.  For humans though, Ash is a sweetie. Also, EVERYBODY from the Mystery Dungeon specials. I love the games so much. Except the very first one. I can barely get through it the dubbing is so horrible. D'8

[Anything else about the anime you love - episodes & etc]
Just the bonds between humans and their Pokemon. <3 Oh, and uh, favorite episode is Tears For Fears. Full stop. I got teary eyed at a Pokemon episode. Also, soft spot for Island of Lost (Giant? I'm sorry I can't remember which.) Pokemon cause it was my first episode. 

[Extra info you think we should know or want to add]

Anyways, I has fic!

Subfandom: Anime: Diamond and Pearl
Title: Keep Getting Stronger!
Warnings: N/A, unless spoilers for the first season of D/P still count. xD;
Characters/Pairing: Ash's Chimchar w/ Mentions of Paul and Ash.
Rating: K+
Words: ~170
Summary: Paul never said what Chimchar didn't already know.

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